ILLY AMIN: THE INNERVIEW - #Scrambles4Money #PointOfNoReturn

Q: Who you is and who you reppin?
A: Niggas know me, its Illy Amin, reppin that Revivo clique!

Q: Most people doubted you when you stumbled against Lexx Luthor, does this battle represent a chance at redemption?
A: Nah son, people doubted me way before Lexx and they’ll continue to do so even if I rap from here to the moon. In all honesty I don’t care what people think anymore Im just out here doing me, I’m not doing this to please people.

Q: How you feeling about this title matchup? What does it mean to you?
A: It’s just another rap battle fam, another chance to prove to myself that I’m better than dudes. The fact that there’s a title up for grabs doesn’t really mean anything extra for me, my track record is unparalleled in this country fam, that’s something I know. A title isn’t validation of that


Q: Both you and the Cheesecake have grown exponentially as battle rappers mainly because of the unmatched talent and creativity that you possess. What do you think is your/his biggest flaw going into this battle?
A:  That’s a hard one. He’s really come on strong from his FTS days… (pause)... Im not really analysing dude like that though, Imma just come through as dope as I can and see from there 

Q:  The game keeps growing and evolving, where do you see battle rap in five years?
A: It’s growing, but I’m not so sure about evolving. When I check out these battle events in all honesty I get bored sometimes, I feel like these rappers are all recycling the same shit and nobody is trying to be different. Kats been kicking the same battle verse for years now hahaha! I really do feel that if the scene is gonna grow further from here, we as the entertainers need to start being different. The platform has been provided for kats but if we wanna get bigger crowds without having to invite overseas MCs all the time then we gotta start innovating. We can’t just keep looking to Gin Grimes to spoon feed us, the other battle leagues have to step up too, the MCs have to start thinking differently and we have to get different crowds to have interest, if we wanna actually make something of this we gotta stop treating it like some backyard cypher.

Q: You represented South Africa in Canada and pulverised your opponent at World Domination 4 last year. Ever since then though you have focused on your flourishing music career and only battled twice, with one amazing performance. Which Illy are we gonna see at Event Horizon?
A:  I’ve actually battled like 4 times since then, the thing is, for me the pool has gotten really small because I’ve battled almost everyone on the Scrambles roster so in all fairness, its right that I step back and let other MCs flourish so I can come back and knock their heads off their shoulders when they start feeling themselves too much (I see you, Blight).  Real talk though I don’t know which Illy you gonna get, just know my aim is to be different cos I don’t wanna be like the rest of these guys.


Q: I am sure you have studied Jake in detail by now, what’s the one moment that impressed you the most about him?
A: I haven’t actually, haha! But I know the guy, so it’s all good. He’s an all-round dope MC and I respect that, his battles are always dope so I’m expecting the same and even more from him when he faces me.

Q: Excluding you, who’s your top three Scrambles rappers right now?
A: The same kats who have been the best since day one. Cerebro, Jake and Pava would probably be my top 3. Slyme is up there too

Q: Describe Cheesecake’s style in a bar
A:  Hahaha! The fuck kinda question is this, hahahaha!

Q: If Scrambles had a two on two battle, who would you trust to be on your team?
A: I had a two on two with Gin Grimes that was dope. No homo, but Jake would be a dope partner, Pava too. But I’d have to ride with any of my Revivo niggas, but only if Gin Grimes promised their safety, hahaha…

Q: Ultramel vs. Kepi. Which is the better brand to rep and why?
A: You ever tried licking a Kepi snap back off some titties...? Exactly.  But shout out to Kepi though I fuck with their brand, they should holla at the boy I got videos coming up, we should work

Q: You’ve racked up some really impressive battles so far, whats been your favourite battle to date?
A:  My favourite has to be Kinaze, purely cos of the journey I made for it. My battle with Inferno was top class, and the first Cerebro one I guess.


Q: Pick a Scrambles rapper and give them one piece of advice
A: I pick the whole roster. You muhfukkas gotta evolve man, stop looking to Gini for hand outs and stand on your own two cos homie isn’t gonna carry you forever, he cant keep funding a league where the MCs can call the crowd members by their names. Think differently fam, get new content and expand your brains niggas. Let go of the Gorgotron and develop an aura around you. If we do that then we can go far

Q: Rate the three international visitors in descending order
A: Daylyt, Lexx and Ness. Ness is probably the illest outta all 3 in terms of what he brings to the table but in my humble opinion I think his focus is elsewhere, his music is sounding dope and I feel like that’s where he’s at. Daylyts stock is the highest but Lexx is the hungriest 

Q: You have maintained your composure in an exceptional way in all your battles, has there ever been a battler that has made you almost lose it on stage?
A: Nah. It’s not that serious, even the Lexx battle I was cool haha. It’s just entertainment, people that lose their cool over a battle are corny

Q: Deadliest kid in the draft league?
A: Chro… if he’s still draft league, I don’t know. But he’s definitely the nicest of the new guys 


Q: King Keyla vs. Snow, whats your thoughts?
A: Smh, King Keyla is probably gonna be rocking fewer clothes than Snow so that battles not really for me haha!


Q: There’s always been a big debate around the topic but which battle do you think was the biggest body in Scrambles’ history?
A: Real talk, Lexx bodied me pretty bad, so I’ll go for that one… cause I don’t remember other peoples battles hahaha!


CHEESECAKE THE GOD: THE INNERVIEW - #Scrambles4Money #PointOfNoReturn

Q: Who you is and who you reppin?
A: aweeee I'm Jake Baker repping the mother city CPT n all that, Ape tooown! What's dairy? 

Q: Even though you are a relative newcomer, you have not choked yet on a Scrambles stage. Do you ever fear a repeat of your battle with Fungus?
A: I didn't choke against Fungus… the battle was a lil off and I was on some bullshit haha but I didn't choke. as far as choking on Scrambles I'm not that worried, if it happens it happens but I'm confident in my freestyle ability and Illy’s inability to have me that shook. Lol, nah playing… If there's anybody on Scrambles whose smart enough to use the many angles on me well enough to shake me up its Illy, real talk. It’s just a matter of how personal he feels he gotta get for the win... because as far as bars... I don't think he's good enough to win without touching on my past

Q: How you feeling about this title matchup? What does it mean to you?
A: It means a lot, G, I've always had mad respect for Gin so to be given a title match by him is really awesome. On top of all that, to have cats like Day, Nes n Lexx watching it, is huge! This event is prolly the biggest Scrambles has had, and me n Illy have been chosen to rep as Africa's best. Anybody watching the event is gonna be like “word, so that's Africa's champ? that's where the bar is set?”. Cool. So yeah no pressure haha!


Q: Both you and the Illmatic have grown exponentially as battle rappers mainly because of the unmatched talent and creativity that you possess. What do you think is your/his biggest flaw going into this battle?
A: Aaah my biggest flaw? Prolly my really good looks, G. A lot of the time people tend to overlook my bars coz I'm so good looking n handsome. I spoke to Illy about that coz of all the angles out there on me I asked him if he was gonna talk about how good looking I was. He said “prolly naw” but I don't trust homie. He'll prolly bring it up. Compare me to Channing Tatum or summin like that. As far as his biggest flaw I really can't point summin out like that, I think maybe his head got a lil big after Canada. Dunno why else he woulda done that shit vs Lexx, but I heard he had a good battle after Lexx so I'm hoping he back on his bullshit n ready to put on a classic

Q:  The game keeps growing and evolving, where do you see battle rap in five years?
A: Aaaaah ionno, G, look how far it's already come. Like just in SA I went from giving my friends petrol money to drive me to some far away land, battling 6 cats a night, now we getting our flights to Jozi paid for u know? Like Scrambles really takes care of me when I'm up there and it's always such a dope experience so I can't begin to imagine what Gin has planned for the future. Overseas though, things are moving so fast. I really hope all the over saturation n money they got now doesn't fuck it all up but it looks like in 5 years things could be insane, I'm really excited to see where it goes but don't know enough to assume anything.

Q: You’re the golden kid with the Flip The Script chain and have racked up a ton of bodies in your wake and now you got a shot at the title, but this is Illy the kid. You’re going up against the unrivaled freestyle champion of Scrambles. Do you think you ready for this?
A: Hahahaha, honestly ionno. When I had just won the FTS chain I was wyling online talkin bout how I wanna battle Gin and how I'd beat him n shit. Now I look back like “fuuuuck that!” Gin woulda bodied me 3-0 ya know? Like I got more experience now but I've learnt from my mistakes, I'm not gonna say ima body Illy on that easy tip when I know dam well he could beat me on the right day... Under the right conditions... When the sun is shining at exactly the right temperature n the moon has aligned with Mars and Orion's Belt is at a perpendicular angle directly across from the Milky Way cosmic sphere... I mean ... U know what I'm talmbout. Anything could happen, G!

Q: I am sure you have studied Tshiamo in detail by now, what’s the one moment that impressed you the most about him?
A: I liked his 1st 2 rounds in Canada. He was dope there and that Ultramel scheme vs lex. Shit was dairyeqsue, his flow against Cerebro was dope too!

Q: Excluding you, who’s your top three Scrambles rappers right now?
A: Pava, Illy and Cerebro. Even though Gin hasnt battled recently i think he deserves a special mention. Illy better put me in his top 3 or he a fuggin turkey

Q: Describe Illy Amin’s style in a bar
A: Everything I came up with for this answer ended up being good enough to use in the battle, thanks G! Why u mad B?

Q: If Scrambles had a two on two battle, who would you trust to be on your team?
A: The homie Pava. He a legend n always such a straight up guy.

Q: Ultramel vs. Kepi. Which is the better brand to rep and why?
A: peep the new summer range! Why u mad b?


Q: Your third round against Kadence will be discussed for years to come. Some have even called it a classic. How easily will it be to improve on that?
A: Honestly I had some mad personal info on Kadence that made up my whole 3rd round, he's a mad cool guy though and like 2 days before the battle I decided that that wasn't the typa battle rapper I wanted to be. Like how can I look down on cats that bring up my adoption shit for a cheap laugh if Imma do similar ya know? So I came up with my 3rd like 2 days before the event n luckily the crowd loved it and it popped off. But yeah that's what I want to do. Keep comin up with innovative shit for the battle stage n I think I'll out do myself vs Illy.... dunno how yet though.

Q: Pick a Scrambles rapper and give them one piece of advice
A: Pava, lemmi breath homie. Just gimme some space, we friends but daym u gotta stay out my inbox for a day or two or u gonna push me away like u did boity. I know it was u outside my house too!


Q: Rate the three international visitors in descending order
A: 1)Ness 2)Day 3)Lexx 

Q: You have maintained your composure in an exceptional way in all your battles, has there ever been a battler that has made you almost lose it on stage?
A: Nah. If anything being said to you in a battle can affect ur life that drastically u shouldn't battle rap, haha!... or u just have a really sad life. Everything out there about me I put out myself, knowing it would be used against me eventually, but yeah when Pava called me Ashton Kutcher that shit was mad hurtful and when Kadence dissed my bird bars.... He’s a dick for that! 

Q: Deadliest kid in the draft league?
A: Inferno

Q: King Keyla vs. Snow, whats your thoughts?
A: pshhhhhh The King… duuuh!


Q: There’s always been a big debate around the topic but which battle do you think was the biggest body in Scrambles’ history?
A: Chef Toast bodies every1 he goes up debating.


Hip Hop is a culture defined by exaggerated machismo and one part of the game where this is illustrated perfectly is in the art of battle rap. While the battle rap movement is rapidly gaining popularity across the world, there are still many in the mainstream that are obliviously ignorant to the revolution that is taking place right under their noses.

The revolution is in full force with the Scrambles4Money battle league dominating the scene in a way that no other league has achieved in South Africa.  “Scrambles” was the first league on the continent to send contenders to battle at the KOTD (King Of The Dot) World Domination 4 event in 2013 (This event is regarded as the global battle rap olympics). Since then, the league has also hosted three top tier international battle rappers (The Deadman, Lexx Luthor and Ness Lee) in another ‘continent first’.

Fast forward to the present, less than a year since the last sold out international event, Scrambles has another classic event lined up for the 12th & 13th of December 2014. Apart from the highly anticipated return of Lexx Luthor and Ness Lee, fans and haters alike are excited by the card featuring, for the first time on African soil, the nephew of the late great rapper Tupac Shakur, the son of Rakim and cousin to Kendrick Lamar, Mr quil gang himself, Day-motherfucking-lyt (the gods of battle rap know many a battle rap fan are dying to see the Day)! He will be facing Ness Lee in what promises to be the biggest barfest the continent (AND the southern hemisphere) has ever seen. You will remember Ness Lee from his infamous battle with the indubitably indomitable Tumi (a battle that easily racked up tens of thousands of views in no time!)

Also featured on the card is another Scrambles first, an intergender battle between King Keyla and Snow. Keylah is characterised by creative antics in his rounds, although recently his style has been infused with heavy bars. Snow on the other hand has only one battle on Scrambles4Money, but that one battle proved her to be quite a hit with her highly entertaining rhymes. Personally, I see this one going either way but the 12th of December shall reveal all!

When Illite headed to Canada alongside Gin I to represent South Africa last year, he was crowned the Scrambles4Money champion. This is a title he is defending against Scrambles’s newest golden child, Jake Baker. Both these rapper’s styles are highly witty and they are known to be quick thinkers in high pressure situations. In my opinion, Illite goes into this battle with an advantage. In the past year he has claimed fewer scalps than Jake and therefore has a whole lot more to prove. On the other hand, Jake Baker has been an unstoppable force of nature, dropping more bodies than Ebola, leaving only one question, does he have what it takes to beat the freestyle king of Scrambles?

Tickets are selling fast, so it is advisable that you get yours early to avoid disappointment. Get them for a steal at only R180 each on quicket (R200 at the door). This two day shall be held at the Zen Nightclub in Maboneng on the 12th and 13th of December 2014. For more info hit up the Scrambles4Money social accounts on the links below.

An honourable mention for the Draft League cats. They semi-finals of their #ProveYourWorth tournament will be held on the Friday (12th December) and so far their performances have been getting crazier and crazier. Only four rappers remain with bodies littering the path they have travelled thus far. Absalom, Demo Cast, Fahrenheit and Nova all stand a shot at advancing to the Main card and also at winning a cash prize.

On the 13th, fans will be treated to another bout of the draft league's best going against each other in another night of battles. With your ticket from Friday you will be able to enter the battles on Saturday, but if you only come on the Saturday then you ticket will only be R50.

Hit up SCRAMBLES4MONEY on these here links:


(My name is Marshall
I'm repping that motherfucking Motor City, bitch)

I just turned Slaughterhouse to a quintet
Began to trend set, murdered the friend's pet
Made shit as ill as it can get when it debt
Like a fucking vignette and two bars skins wet
I'm already covered in sweat
I wasn't even ready to come in yet
AHH, let me set this drink down
Beat up a gal, start beef with a pal
Probably be wild 'til I'm wrinkled and senile
And "Rap God" was a freestyle
Off the top of the dome piece while I was sleep on the couch
And I'm freestyling now
I need a towel, sweat leaks from my brow
It's burning my eyes, my cerebral is foul
Cause shit I'm thinking about should be illegal
I need my head bathe like the guy who left Cleveland Ohi-
And went to South Beach with his talents
Scream "fuck you" on the way out and wink with a smile
This whole game can eat a dick, I'm going back deep underground
But right now I'm back on that bullshit and you I'm singling out
Cause you're so fucking outdated you should mingle a while
What the fuck is this clusterfuck of busters
Bunch of bussing Douglas', motherfuckers is one hit wonders
One swing and you're crowned
Knocked one out the park, one catchy jingling now
You think you fucking with me cause you sold like 300 thou
Bitch, I can jump without my feet ever leaving the ground
Reach up, swing from a cloud with 3 thousand people around
Evil and vile enough to leap in the crowd
And heave a child in a sink alone, Cinco De Mayo
When I'm sprinkled in beako de gowl
Mardi Gras breathing a towel
I just made that up
I don't know much Spanish, I'm not bilingual
But I'll show you a Mexican stand off
Between just these two amigos
Cause neither really wants to say what we're thinking outloud
But I sure as fuck think I know how rebody English, no doubt]
Cause we're trying to kill each other, but lyrically
The fuck is humility? What is a real emcee?
Royce, he came up in the shit with me
Never spit that hustling shit, it wasn't a fit for me
Let them adjust 'til they just get the gist of me
Just not giving a fuck and plus with the history
And muscular distrophy, it wasn't a mystery
Why this middle finger was stuck in this upper-positony
So what in the fuck is a list to me?
I'm used to not being on it, I expect it out 'em
Heck, man, I get my respect without 'em
And really been into diamonds since I put my first record out
But I could put a chain around my second album
And wear it as a neck medallion
Became a millionaire, went downhill from there
Became civil, office swivel chair, sterling silverware
Screaming life is still unfair til I get a real career
The fuck am I gonna do until then? This job is too fulfilling
Two gazillion pairs of super villain shoes to fill in
And a mood to kill till I apply my Coupe DeVille
To some children at the food pavilion at Build A Bear
Warrior's mind, I'm prohydrocodone on euphoria
In the drum imperium line, I'm soaring
I'm pouring Vicodin four at the time ignoring the warning signs
Full on untill I go four wheeler driving
Going violent and whore firing
You surely won't find a more important
With this glorious rhyme with
But I finger her like a witness, show me a line-up
I usually am abusive, but excuse me, m'am
I guess I must've threw you for a loop like toucan Sam
When I said I could use the sample cause you'se a tramp
But look how you react to this trigger like
When I call you a bigger dyke than the Hoover Dam
You playing right in Lex Luthor's hands
It's such a ruthless plan, might even lose a fan
But fuck it, Superman wanted to change in a phone booth for Stan
I'm a brand new being like Grand Puba's band
Happy as Anderson Cooper having a tuba crammed
In his pooper with lubricant, wait, that's two, I can't
Since honesty is the best policy I'll give you the old college try
Try to acknowledge my mistakes, probably won't qualify
As a gentleman and a scholar, but it's time that I swallow pride
To say that I'm sorry, sorry that I can't apologize
I think of all the times I compromised my bottom lines
And thought of rhymes that sodomized your daughters minds
Then I'm like dollar signs
But I may fight for gay rights especially if they dyke
It's more of a knockout than Janay Rice
Play nice, bitch, I punchline La Na Del Rey
Right In the face twice like Ray Rice in broad daylight
And in plain sight of the elevator surveillance
Til her head is banged on the railing
Then celebrate with the Ravens
Never dated an assailant that self-medicates with inhalers
I meditate, but I may need a better way to escape
The aggression, rage and the anger
Cause them restraints on the ankles
Heavyweights and an anchor with handcuffs in in chains
This ain't enough to contain it
But I still get the same respect as Jay if I came on
Stage in a fucking negligee everyday and it's clayborn
Devastated from breakup with Kate Hudson
Wait, slut your friends, what are they gonna say
Cause makeup ain't gonna cover
That eye that's seven/eights of the way shut
Peppersprayed with your face cut
Made my bank like a lay up
Of these effing skanks on the way up
Oh, bitch thinks she's heaven sent
It's evident that she ain't never been with seven inches
Yes, I said seven, I measured it
Seven inches from the floor
While I'm standing on the fourth floor balcony
Get to sharing when I'm stretching it
Bitch, I'm a pimp so a limp dick is all you'll ever get
So if she's hesitant to get the hint
I'll bet you that I get the message sent who she's messing with
Eloquent when I tell a chick not to never use sex as a weapon
When I step in and beat the wrenched wenched with a crescent wrench
Exisential detriments to a lesbian devil
In the presence stench of an estrogen level
That separatists like a Chechnian rebel
And impressionist with a pencil 
A pessimist, with his lips pressed against 
The edge of this red bull
Pedal to the metal I'm rippin' this shit cause right away I'll give it to a bitch like a pedestrian, deadly as ever
You see what kind of effects she has on the opposite sex
When i push her flexible little sexy ass through a plate of plexiglass
Shady XV ass, perplexing as
The last fifteen years when i predicted my next relapse 
When i spit these lyrics so don't look at me weird
When i start shifting gears and shit resmears all over Britney Spears
And these little Disney queers
Who use chicks for beards?
Just made that up too
Oh in the Shady 2.0
We wrote in roman numerals like they do for the Super Bowls
Cause it's supposed to confuse you hoes
The flows lose you as usual, so juvenile
2 year old when I go to the studio
It's only music but don't be foolish though
You don't know me through it ho but you can blow me to it though
In my homie's Buick
Been known to lose it though so if I overdo it you drove me to it
When I step in the vocal booth like I'm supposed to do
And I murder you on a fuckin' track like Tony Stewart
In one take, if I fuck up I don't redo it
You couldn't sound grown on a beat if you were moaning to it
The day I don't say fuck you all, you can throw me through it
Rootin' this, tootin' this, shootin' this from the hip with the cinnamon its Eminem
With the women, I'm an enemy to them 
And the epitome of an inconsiderate idiot
But they consider me equivalent to chlamydia
They tryna get rid of me [?]
But I stiggity stand for the figgity flag
Of the United States and the freedom, I distribute these raps through
And if I catch you doing anything 
Hindering or prohibiting that after I give me that tatoo of your lips on my ass
I'mma be literally Pickin' up and deliberately rippin' the Statue of Liberty at you 
Fuck it, Got it somewhere in there probably

EMINEM is the motherfuckin GOAT!


First of all, how sick is that cover art?

The latest single off of Nicki's PINKPRINT (slated for December release). This shit is hella fire!



Already a certified favorite for the 2014 festive season, KEEP DOING THAT (RICH BITCH) by Rozay and Kellz now has a sick set of visuals to accompany the tune!

It's cameos all up in this bitch....


We got you the official trailer for the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Next May just seems too far!


Y'all know DJ Raiko from his work in the Hip Hop community and maybe from his open letter to the industry.

Homie has recently dropped his latest mix, titled NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. This is a very experimental mix as it delves into a different area than his usual style, but its still fuckin dope!

Cop it below...


Fuck, yeah! I got word of this project in my inbox this morning. Quickly gave it a listen and god damn motherfucker! This shit is fire yo!

The project has features from SCRAMBLES4MONEY frontman Gin-I Grimes, Jak Tripper, 2UGLi and many more dope head favourites!

Listen and cop the heat below!