The date was 21 December 2012 and the event was SCRAMBLES4MONEY: JUDGEMENT DAY. I woulda loved to have gone to the battles but The Kingpimp was otherwise occupied.

However, thats not the important part, the important part is that there was BAAAAAWDYBAGZ! It was a heated battle between Ma B (of Driemanskap) and Dyscipal, but ultimately Ma B took it. Personally i felt that Dyscipal killed the first verse, but in the long run he got bodied.

Even though a few cats on social media have expressed that they were not in agreement with the judges choice, i have to side with the judges on this one. Ma B was on that lyrical offensive!

As a bonus, hit the jump for the visuals for another battle from the same night. Fusion faced up against Garlic Brown although disappointingly they turned what was supposed to be a memorable battle into a joke. Cats was forgetting they rhymes and choking, when they actually remembered their rhymes them rhymes werent too gutta. I regard Fusion as one of the best with the mic but his performance on the night was disappointing, brace yourself and hit the jump for the video!