Watsup fellas.

I have always had suspicions that Tupac, the thuggest of thugs, was gay. It is known that he attended the Baltimore School Of The Arts, where he studied acting, poetry and ballet. Not that this is compelling evidence that he was gay, but it most definitely starts to show us how he transformed himself into the Tupac we know.

He is an actor, meaning he can take on any role convincingly. I mean Barker Haines on Isidingo is played by a very gay man(played by Robert Whitehead... see right), as thuggin as he is in his role. So being a great actor, Pac was able to play a hardcore gangster. A nigga's nigga. As you might know, he didn't always carry this thug personality, especially when he was rapping and dancing with Digital Underground. He was as happy and animated as The Fresh Prince.

It is his role as Bishop in the movie Juice, which would transform him into the persona we know him for. Bishop was a ruthless gangster. Once blacks saw the movie, they developed this fear and respect for Pac. You know how South African blacks used to cuss and beat the lady who played Ntsiki (pictured on the left) on Generations? Same thing in America. Cats thought Pac was Bishop. He could walk the streets and people would salute him. That made him popular and feared. He realized that he could capitalize on this new persona, and combined it with his poetry and rapping skills to then form the Thug Life Tupac and release hardcore albums.
So, Tupac is an actor, and an actor can play a straight man. True or false?

My observation is that when gay men try to appear straight, they tend to take things too far, in order to cover up. Pac was overly aggressive. Overly bubbly and overly tough on the exterior. He was a charmer boy of note. This is mainly because he had to prove himself by nutting lotsa honeys. Even this he took too far. As you know, pac had rape and sexual assault charges. I mean how many of us have those? A man who don't know how a man is supposed to act, will possibly do such unknowingly while trying to prove his masculinity. I am not clear on what triggers this kind of behaviour, but I see a guy desperately trying to prove his masculinity, and taking it overboard.

With all this said, there are things that are difficult to hide, and they creep up at the worst of times. Observe the difference between Pac being interviewed or surrounded by men and when he is interviewed by a woman. Amongst men, he is acting and is taken over by the aggressive fella's fella. When he is interviewed by a woman, his mannerisms change completely. That is when his gayness becomes clear.

Now fellas, I know some of you are shaking your heads thinking damn what is this nigga on. I want you to take a look at this early Tupac interview and tell me what you think.

Mizi is a household name in Hip Hop in South Africa. He is a former editor of HYPE Magazine and is deadly on production. Hit him up on the Twitter on @MiziTaughtMe


sadisticon said...

Spot on! I saw a Tupac documentary with my brothers and was goggle-eyed cause I was thinking - don't you guys see what I'm seeing??? It was thrilling and sad at the same time because there was no way I was going to try to out the star - it would have called attention to myself and I don't so attention very well.

sadisticon said...

Spot on, my brother! When I saw a Tupac documentary a few months a go my gaydar was clanging like a klaxon on Judgment Day. I wanted to point that out to my brothers, watching it with me but I didn't know if they'd turn on me or what the bigger point in it would be anyway.

Gaydar gets a gold star.
Personally don't care about sexual preference at all. What bothers me is the fabricated, fake thug culture in which folks are forced to go DL and help foster and further murderous, lowbrow, gangland disharmony.
So many DL brothers and sisters hailed as Thug/Hetero Messiahs and their followers are groomed to swallow the whole disingenuous schtick. Sadly, reality now mimics abject artifice.

TheKingPimp said...

@Tracy, thanks for the gold star. The problem here is not the preference but rather the hiding behind the over-manly faccade that he puts forward....

TheKingPimp said...

@sadisticon, be true to yourself bruh. If you see something out of place you should be the voice that speaks it out....

nyyyankee said...

which documentary do u mean?

FunkMan said...

I think he was bisexual. He definitely looks feminine. looks at how long his eyelashes are. He was seriously conflicted trying way too hard to suppress his homosexual urges. He tortured Dr Dre with gay slurs with no mercy which was unnecessary. Everybody already knew Dre was gay. I think Suge is gay too and they were butt buddies